Folding Music Stand, for seated players

Rio Grande Valley Dulcimer Players

Looking for a simple music stand ?

While learning to play the mountain dulcimer in the lower Rio Grande Valley last winter, I saw a great alternative to the collapsible metal music stands we use and love to hate. Here in Southernmost Texas, the Dulcimer players always on the move have come up with a great solution for a portable music stand. Above we can see a few band members poising for a group picture. Nice music stands.

Take a few minutes and scroll through these pictures and see what these wood and fabric music stands offer: quick setup & takedown, stability, ease in transporting with a webbing shoulder strap, pocket compartments for tuners, notepad, pen or pencil, water bottle, and a cradle for your music or music book in a safe and simple semi-enclosed envelope.


Yeah it’s real stable. The new kitten often jumps on board when he wants a little attention. Actually, with the additional weight of the kitten, the stand has more stability. He was about six and a half pounds when seen here. So let’s take a look at how these music stands hold up for their intended use.

This group of three images shows a number of features. This stand is a real workhorse, carrying plenty of material for a lesson, performance and fun jamming. The leg sections in this model are made from both a light pine and darker oak. Here you can see a cross brace has been added to front legs. This allows the player to pull the music stand closer during use while still having a brace that increases the strength and stability.

You can see that having the leg segments of differing lengths allows the player a good vantage of seeing the music at a good focal plane. You should also notice that the stand is higher than the knee. This allows you good posture when the stand is close, such as when you might be tightly seated at a gig or jam.

If you’re really observant, you noticed the nylon webbing. That web is attached to the lower bar and loops out through the front. It serves the function of carrying strap. These straps can be long enough to act as a shoulder carrying loop. Shorter carrying straps like this act as simple handles. Through experience it seems the longer strapped music stands can be very convenient, providing free hands with the gig bag and music stand on the shoulder. The picture below shows a little bracket that keeps the webbing in place deployed or in carrying.

At the top of the image above you can see how two little brackets hold the webbing in place, but also allow the webbing to slip through the brackets and act as spacers to form a nice carrying strap. There is also room for personalization of these music stands.

Looking for a place to shout your group’s name, favorite instrument, or a little spot for bedazzling? By adding a little additional material you can add whatever your heart desires. Try doing that on the collapsible folding music stands that you’ve wrestled with, or bent, when setting up for a gig. Adding a little flap lets your audience know who you are, who is playing, and even gives you a little privacy when you’re quickly organizing your playlist and music.

That’s about it. Here are a few more images below. This is a simple project to make yourself or have made for you if you know a handy gal or guy. Commercial folding stand can be found but these simple stands were made by some retired friends that are handy with sewing and woodwork.

Finally where to find. I don’t know; a friend gave me one when I mentioned I wanted some pictures so I could build one.

Here’s a few I found using a google search for dulcimer folding music stand and sling music stand.





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